Trees for Life

Trees for Life

2023 Trees for Life

Maillards has joined forces with Jersey Trees for Life so that we can plant a tree for every funeral we have each year going forward.
In November 2023 Jersey Trees for Life began planting our first-ever tree corridor to recognise every funeral we had arranged in the previous year.
In the afternoon of 30th November, Julian De la Cour our Managing Director and Mark Reynolds our Group CEO went up to the field in St Peter to plant a few oak saplings with the JTFL team. Over 300 trees were planted extending the habitat and wildlife corridor of St Peter’s Valley.
Tree species planted include Oak, Ash, Sweet Chesnut, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Privet, Maple, Hazel and Elder. All native species and the best for biodiversity.
Each year we will repeat this planting campaign and follow the progress of all areas.

2024 Trees for Life Spring Update

All of the trees look to be waking up for spring. The Hawthorns seem to be sprouting best with some of the oaks Julian De la Cour planted sprouting well too.