Seeds For Seasons Project

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Seeds for Seasons
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2023 Seeds for Seasons, seed box

Maillards, continuing our celebrating life initiative, have sought to help our customers and the local pollinators with our new seed boxes for summer 2023. We will gift a Seeds for Seasons box to our clients, on receipt clients can plant the seeds in their gardens or plant pots, these will then, hopefully with a bit of care, flower this season or next hopefully bringing back memories of loved ones at the same time.

The seeds are set within star shaped paper so all you have to do is place the star where you hope for the flowers to grow and water occasionally. If you want to improve the chances that they grow we recommend covering with a small layer of compost or earth and giving a bit of TLC.

2023 Seeds for Seasons, Pollinator Patch – Town Church.

Thanks to St Helier Town Church we now have a designated pollinator patch section and a bench, sponsored by us, where you can plant your seeds and remember your loved ones, ideal for anyone without a garden, this way they can plant and enjoy the flowers in a lovely and safe outdoor space.

"Forget-me-not" flowers