Voices from the shadows: from Occupation to Liberation

Occupation Memories

If you lived through the Occupation and have memories or personal stories from that period that you are prepared to share, we would love to hear from you. To mark the 76th Anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey we are producing a compilation of stories, anecdotes, poems and photos in a new book titled ‘Voices from the shadows: from Occupation to Liberation’.

Share Your Story

We are looking for Jersey residents to help us put together a book of memories from those who lived through the Occupation of Jersey between 1940-1945.

This initiative is to mark the 76th anniversary of the Liberation of Jersey and we are looking for your personal stories, poems, anecdotes and memories from the early 1940s to be part of this book titled ‘Voices from the shadows: from Occupation to Liberation.’

Here are some theme ideas that the book is likely to cover and you may wish to choose one or several of these in your submission. This is not an exhaustive list, however, just something to prompt ideas. If you have a particular incident or observation about the Occupation that does not fall into these categories we would still love to hear it.

  • Your life before the war – How old were you when the Occupation started? Did you go to school? What occupations did your parents have
  • Evacuation stories – What do you recall of the evacuation from the Island?
  • Life as an evacuee – Where were you sent? Was it a positive experience for you?
  • Life under German rule – did you stay on the Island? What changed the most for you?
  • Business during the war – Did your family run a business during the Occupation? How did life change for them?
  • Landscapes and fortresses – Can you remember the construction of bunkers and gun turrets? Or anything about POW camps?
  • Wartime food and drink – Making much out of little. What do you remember eating in particular and why? Can you remember any recipes?
  • Liberation day memories – How did you celebrate?
  • Life after the war – What permanent affect did the War have on your life?

Submission Form

To submit your memory, story or observations please complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the details below or alternatively email: occupationmemories@gmail.com. (Please make sure to confirm in your email whether you have photos, clippings or other material which might accompany your submission and whether you are happy for your submission to be passed onto the Jersey Archive.)
  2. If your submission mentions other people by name, please make sure that you have checked with them first to confirm that they are happy to be mentioned.
  3. Let us know by ticking the box if you are happy for your submission to be passed onto the Jersey Archive following our consideration for its inclusion in the book.

    Kindly supported by Alphaprint

    Maillards Funeral Directors is very proud to be sponsoring this project, with very kind support from Alpha Print.

    We have engaged local author, Penny Byrne, to put together the book and will be producing 1,500 copies. Of these, 1,000 copies will be donated to the local community. Any person whose submissions are chosen for the book will receive a free edition. The remaining 500 will be on sale to the public at hotspots during Liberation week. The book will be priced at £9.99, with all profits going to support local people as part of our Maillards Celebrating Life initiative.

    A very big thank you.

    Mark Reynolds
    Maillards Funeral Directors

    The Occupation Memories book forms part of the Maillards Celebrating Life initiative – that will see Maillards sponsor and support local people and causes.

    The initiative is designed to act as a beacon of positivity for Islanders over the age of 60. We believe age is just a number and our aim is to make later life extraordinary. As funeral directors, we hear every day second hand accounts of how Islanders have lived extraordinary lives and had extraordinary experiences which, so often, live only in the memories of close friends and family. This book is an attempt to distil and preserve some of those important experiences in way which will work to educate and inform future generations.

    We are aiming to raise £5,000 through book sales for our Celebrating Life initiative: ‘Maillards Make a Wish’ which will fund wishes for those over 60.

    Thank you for your support.

    Julian De La Cour
    On behalf of Maillards Funeral Directors