Meet the team


Julian De La Cour

Managing Director

Having spent 36 years in the jewellery trade with EJ Gallichan and latterly Aurum Jewellers, Julian changed career and joined Maillards in as Managing Funeral Director.

A proven customer service operator, Julian and team are always on hand to answer questions and assist in all parts of funeral planning.

Funeral Directors

Alicia Jarvis

Funeral Director

I have worked in the Funeral Industry since 2001. This is more than just a job to me. it’s a vocation and I am honoured to be apart of this world.

Simon Dodkins

Funeral Director

In late 2021 I decided I wanted to do something more rewarding and fulfilling. I joined Maillards Funeral Directors, initially as a Mortuary Technician. The role involved the collection, preparation, and care of the deceased. I was also involved in the ceremonial side attending funerals as a Bearer, and Attendant. I gained my PSV in April 2022 to enable me to drive funeral vehicles as needed. In July 2022 I was promoted to Funeral Director, and since then I have been focusing on organising and directing funerals and providing compassionate advice and support to families and friends.

Mark Burke

Funeral Director

Mark used to be a local Policeman for the majority of his career. He chose to be a funeral director and has never looked back.

Funeral Attendants

Funeral Administrators


Funeral Attendant

Woody is an integral part of the team, he handles all of the behind-the-scenes jobs, such as customising coffins and grave digging. As well as, assists at most funerals. 


Funeral Attendant

Maria has helped at Maillards for a long time in the back rooms and assisting at funerals. She has also driven the hearses from time to time. Maria is now a full-time member of the team as of 2023 and we are happy to have her onboard.



I work on reception as my main role at Maillards, I am usually the first point of contact.

Since working at Maillards I relate to all my colleagues as “the dream team” which is probably an understatement!

Everybody at Maillairds is real with the biggest hearts, empathy, and compassion.

I love my job as it is so rewarding, we all feel like we make a difference in helping people during very difficult times of grief.